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Mauro Russo Rouge

Dear Sooner-Friends, I am excited to share some of my films on Sooner. It's a great platform that showcases the work of many independent filmmakers from around the world. One of the movies I recommend watching here on Sooner is NEEDLE BOY by Danish director Alexander Bak Sagmo. It's an amazing film that showcases a great language and aesthetic.

With Mauro Russo Rouge we present one of the most interesting and at the same time controversial directors of a new generation of Italian filmmakers. His characters appear trapped in a perpetual atmosphere of darkness and emotional isolation, and their attempts to break out fail in exaggerated violence or apathy.

His feature films CENSURADO: ODE TO LOVE, ABERRANTE, IRA and C.L.A.B. have been shown and awarded at international film festivals in Spain, the USA and South Korea.

Rouge's astonishing and rapid creative output can also be read as a journal on the state of a stagnant society, shot mostly with minimal means and crowdfunding. The further development of his work will remain exciting, and it is to be hoped that his unique talent will receive the recognition it deserves.

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