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The Art of Change

Stories of activists, human rights defenders, and humanitarian workers take center stage this year. Start streaming 38 films that invite you to stand up, speak out, and be curious about the world today.


The Willy Brandt Documentary Award for Freedom and Human Rights honors a documentary film for its outstanding artistic achievement and content. The Documentary Film Award is intended to commemorate Willy Brandt's achievements as German Chancellor and Nobel Peace Prize laureate and to support outstanding filmmakers. The prize, endowed with 3,000 EUR by the Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt Foundation, has been awarded annually since 2019 to a documentary film for its outstanding artistic achievement and content. Previous winners were Askold Kurov for his documentary "Novaya" and Sam Soko for "Softie".

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Amnesty International

For the first time, Amnesty is partnering the HRFF with its own film series, not least to draw attention to current cases of human rights violations. Films such as "Fly So Far," "Unapologetic" and "Welcome to Czechnya" raise awareness of the importance of our human rights. Through them, we learn that people are not discouraged, but stand up for freedom and their rights.

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Aktion gegen den Hunger

Aktion gegen den Hunger presents impressive activists: In MAYOR, Musa Hadid fights for dignity and quality of life for his fellow citizens as mayor of Ramallah, in a city that officially does not belong to any country. In The ANTS AND THE GRASSHOPPER we meet Anita Chitaya, who fights for equality and against climate change in Malawi. TOXIC BUSINESS is about the power of international chemical companies selling carcinogenic agricultural pesticides in Kenya. Fears about the future preoccupy the people on Takuu as well as Mahmoud and Fawzi - for different reasons: THERE ONCE WAS AN ISLAND shows a community whose homeland is being swallowed up as a result of climate change, while the two boys in CAPTAINS OF ZAATARI see football as the only way out of a Jordanian refugee camp.

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Save the Children

Every new path begins with the first step. This means taking a step out of powerlessness, a lack of prospects, or a destructive life situation for our young protagonists. And a decision to change and take life into their own hands.

In these films, viewers get to know children and young people who, each in their own way, apply the "art of change" in order to survive. Thus we encounter the art of endurance in Wandering, the art of healing in Imad's Childhood, the art of self-assertion in Bangla Surf Girls, Shadow Games tells of the art of migration, and the art of creativity stands out in "... and here we are!". A Film School in Moria". A film series that inspires and encourages to take the first step towards change.

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The life and work of Benjamin Ferencz

At this year’s Human Rights Film Festival Berlin, we are presenting three powerful and moving films that portray the life and work of this passionate advocate of international law.

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