Alina Yklymova

Winner of the Innovation Award

How did Alina Yklymova find her true calling in filmmaking?

And what characterizes her artistic approach?

ALINA YKLYMOVA was born in 1990 in Meiningen in what was then the USSR, grew up in Turkmenistan and grew up in Hesse. Since then, she has felt at home everywhere and nowhere. These different cultural influences have shaped her unique perspective on storytelling. With a passion for film and television production, her professional journey began, encompassing various fields and artistic projects. However, she found her true calling when she decided to study directing at the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Störenfrieda - Alina Yklymova - Into the Wild Mentoring

The two films "Störenfrieda" and "Kurschatten", which were made during her directing studies at the Film Academy, are co-productions with Arte and SWR. Both films premiered at the Max Ophüls Prize 2022 and were subsequently shown at various national and international film festivals. "Störenfrieda" became part of the AG Kurzfilm catalog and won various prizes. Among others, the prize for the best film at the "Bundesfestival Junger Film 2022" and the "Innovation Award" at the "Autorenfilmfest Filmzeit" in Kaufbeuren. Her artistic approach is characterized by her ability to approach abstract and theoretical questions from a sensual and visual perspective. In her films, she creates original worlds which, despite their uniqueness, have a connection to reality. She achieves this through thorough research and attention to detail. Furthermore, empathetic and profound characters are important to her in order to give her films a philanthropic character.

Mein Vietnam - Thi Hien Ma - Tim Ellrich

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