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Insights and recommendations from top Sooner filmmakers

Make up the World - Robert Bramkamp - Susanne Weirich
Robert Bramkamp & Susanne Weirich

An in-depth conversation about decolonization and the world of props with Susanne Weirich and Robert Bramkamp

Öte - Malik Isasis - Turkey - BPOC - Tribeca Filmfestival
Malik Isasis

ÖTE, co-directed by Esra Saydam and Malik Isasis, is a love letter to the unique magic of solo travel and is now available on SOONER. The backpack film premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival

Polaris - Ainara Vera - arctic - documentary
Ainara Vera

Ainara Vera, director and editor from Spain, has quickly established herself as an up-and-coming personality in filmmaking. In the SOONER podcast, we discuss Ainara's feature film debut POLARIS.

Istina - Tamara Denic
Tamara Denić - Into the Wild Mentoring

Interview with Into The Wild mentee Tamara Denić and winner of a student Oscar about Feminism, refugee status and film making.

Narcissism - The Auto-Erotic Images - Toni Karat - Meltingpoint Images
Toni Karat

Toni Karat, non-binary artist and filmmaker from Berlin

What the fuck is going on between us, fuck? - Justina Jürgensen - Into the Wild Mentoring
Justina Jürgensen - Into the Wild Mentoring

From the soccer club, to the stage in the theater, to behind the camera. In this SOONER interview, Hamburg director Justina Jürgensen talks about her impressive career as a director and about sexism and heteronormativity - and not just in soccer.

Allesandersplatz - Isis Rampf - Into the Wild Mentoring
Isis Rampf - Into the Wild Mentoring

Isis Rampf's journey into the world of film began with film screenings for children, which she organised during her year of voluntary service. Her studies in media studies and directing at the international film school cologne, as well as her work as an assistant director, laid the foundation for her career as a director. The passion she saw in the children's eyes still drives her today and motivates her to make films herself.

Nur ein Freitag - Sarina Laudam & Jacqueline May- Into the Wild Mentoring
Sarina Laudam & Jacqueline May - Into the Wild Mentoring

Together they realized their first joint film project in 2021 and founded the FLINTA* network Female Filmmakers Cologne the following year. They are currently working on their debut film as an author duo in the INTO THE WILD mentoring program. They talked to us about filmmaking, their film NUR EIN FREITAG and their favorite films on SOONER.

Fortuna Valentyn - Eva Neidlinger - Into the Wild Mentoring
Eva Neidlinger - Into the Wild Mentoring

Director Eva Neidlinger believes there is power in filmmaking - the power to make a difference. You can hear how she found her way from nursing into film, which also took her through Lviv, in the SOONERCAST interview

Störenfrieda - Alina Yklymova - Into the Wild Mentoring
Alina Yklymova - Into the Wild Mentoring

With a passion for film and television production, her professional journey began, encompassing various fields and artistic projects. However, she found her true calling when she decided to study directing at the renowned Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Pia Frankenberg - Der Anschlag
Pia Frankenberg

Pia Frankenberg explores the uncertainties around us as she leans into the chaotic confusion of life without drawing set-in-stone conclusions. After first making two short films, she made two feature-length movies then released her last feature as director, "Never Sleep Again", in 1992. It is fair to say that her storytelling has retained relevance and topicality thanks to the frictions she addresses in her work where the personal and political collide. SOONER is showing all 5 Pia Frankenberg films, and spoke to her and released the interview on Soonercast.

Sophie Linnenbaum - Pix - interfilm
Sophie Linnenbaum

Why do people make films? Why do we need festivals and why do fathers always sneeze so loudly? We discussed these questions and others with the filmmaker Sophie Linnenbaum. Sophie Linnenbaums interest in social issues was awakened early on by the strong regional patriotism of her home region - keyword: annual bratwurst summit.

Eline Gehring - Nico - Sara Fazilat - Into the Wild Mentoring
Eline Gehring - Into the Wild Mentoring

ELINE GEHRING began her career in 2006 as a camerawoman and editor for German reporting in Paris, Prague, Kiev and Berlin. She shot a documentary for the German Bundestag in St Petersburg and worked for Deutsche Welle in Cairo in 2008

Philippe Grégoire - The Noise of Engines
Philippe Grégoire

Philippe Grégoire is a Canadian film director and screenwriter from the small village of Napierville, Quebec, whose debut feature film The Noise of Engines (Le Bruit des moteurs) was released in 2021 and is shown on Sooner. Philippe shares some insides how Noise Of Engines was created

Malte Wirtz - Geschlechterkrise - Unfiltered Artists Filmstudio
Malte Wirtz - Unfiltered Artists Filmstudio

Malte Wirtz is a German director and writer celebrated for his unconventional filmmaking approach. After graduating in 1999, he has worked as a theater and film director, collaborating with various theaters in Germany.

Antichrist film
Antichrist Film

Lars von Trier's Antichrist film is a fascinating and controversial work that has provoked intense debate and multiple interpretations since its release. Starring Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg,


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