Tamara Denić

Winner of the Student Oscar

"We are far from reaching the 50 per cent."

Feminism, refugee and film making: Interview with Into The Wild mentee Tamara Denić

Tamara Denić, who had to flee to Germany from the war in former Yugoslavia as a young child, is an up-and-coming director whose work reaches far beyond national borders. With her film ISTINA, which won a Student Oscar in 2023, she brings individual stories with a universal character to the screen. The film, partly shot in Belgrade, tells the moving story of a photojournalist who has to escape right-wing violence.

Istina - Truth - Tamara Denic - Student-Oscar

In the latest episode of the SOONER podcast, we talk to Tamara Denić about her experiences in Into The Wild mentoring, a mentoring programme for young women in the film industry. Her conviction that feminism continues to be of great importance and must be intersectional reflects not only in her perspective on the film industry, but also in her films. These deal sensitively with the female experience of danger and threat and are now available on SOONER together with Tamara's curated film recommendations.

Yugodivas -  Andrea Staka - Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion AG

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YUGODIVAS: "I was very moved by the movie because I also fled the war with my parents in 1992 and understand very well how healing the creative process can be." (Tamara Denić)