Sophie Linnenbaum

Award winning Interfilm-Veteran with an inquisitive look at the human species and the social system

Why do people make films? Why do we need festivals and why do fathers always sneeze so loudly?

We discussed these questions and others with the filmmaker Sophie Linnenbaum.

Sophie Linnenbaums interest in social issues was awakened early on by the strong regional patriotism of her home region - keyword: annual bratwurst summit. She studied psychology and worked as a playwright before beginning her film studies at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. Her cinematic works combine her greatest interests - an inquisitive look at the human species and the social system and the possibility of creating narrative mirror worlds; with a penchant for humor and playfulness, her films illuminate the trials and tribulations of the human cosmos without losing sight of the characters.

Her touching (short) films such as PIX (German Short Film Award 2017), DAS MENSCH (2019) and VÄTER UNSER (2021) have won several awards and screened at numerous national and international festivals, like the Interfilm Festival in Berlin. Her first feature film THE ORDINARIES had its international premiere in the main competition of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and was awarded the Förderpreis Regie at the Munich Film Festival and won the First Steps Award for best feature-length film. Sophie's list with her own films and her film recommendations can be found at Sooner

Petit Paysan - Bloody Milk - Hubert Charuel - Festival de Cannes - Cesar Award

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