Philippe Grégoire

A Canadian film director and screenwriter from the vastness of Quebec

Why did Philippe Gregoire want to become a filmmaker and why does he love car racing?

We spoke to him about these questions and his connection to his home village of Napierville.

Philippe Grégoire is a Canadian film director and screenwriter from the small village of Napierville, Quebec, whose debut feature film The Noise of Engines (Le Bruit des moteurs) was released in 2021 and is shown on Sooner. Philippe shares some insides how Noise Of Engines was created - a quite personal and nostalgic movie that was shot in his hometown with its inabitants that love car race. The film received three Canadian Screen Award nominations at the 10th Canadian Screen Awards in 2022, including a Best Director nod for Grégoire and the John Dunning Best First Feature Award.

The Noise of Engines - Le bruit des moteurs - Tanja Björk - Canadian Film Fest Award

We talked with him about his motivation to become a filmmaker and what inspires him. Growing up with very open minded parents he had the chance to study film and started his first projects together with his friends influenced by Cinéma québécois which is part of the québeque culture. Of course we were very curious about his favorite films on sooner - listen in and find out which films he picked and why :)

The Tribe - Myroslav Slaboshpytskiy

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THE TRIBE - The Ukrainian youth drama dispenses with words and uses sign language only