Pia Frankenberg

As radical, rebellious and provocative, as light-footed and hilarious as no other.

In the 80s, she was one of the most exciting filmmakers in Germany.

Then she put the camera aside and preferred to write novels. We asked Pia Frankenberg: Why?

Pia Frankenberg explores the uncertainties around us as she leans into the chaotic confusion of life without drawing set-in-stone conclusions. After first making two short films, she made two feature-length movies then released her last feature as director, "Never Sleep Again", in 1992.

 Pia Frankenberg - Der Anschlag

It is fair to say that her storytelling has retained relevance and topicality thanks to the frictions she addresses in her work where the personal and political collide. SOONER is showing all 5 Pia Frankenberg films, and spoke to her and released the interview on Soonercast.

 Pia Frankenberg - Brennende Betten

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SOONER shows all of her films.

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