Stream HD movies: How Sooner works

Today, streaming HD movies has become the norm, allowing us to enjoy

to enjoy the latest arthouse films, innovative cinema, classics and

hidden movie gems from the comfort of your own home. With the

growing number of streaming options, it can be a challenge to find

to find the ideal platform for high-definition movie enjoyment. This is where

Sooner comes into play, a platform that not only offers an impressive selection of

HD movies, but also exclusive highlights and content from prestigious festivals

festivals such as Cannes. Whether on the TV or another device, Sooner

promises an impressive movie experience in the comfort of your own home.

In the rest of this post, we will show you what makes Sooner unique. We will take a look at what movies and highlights are available, how you can easily register, which devices are supported and what are supported and what costs are incurred for the service. This should give you a

orientation and show you how Sooner can satisfy your desire for high-quality HD movies and an excellent movie experience.

What is Sooner?

Sooner is an innovative platform specializing in European arthouse and indie cinema.It offers a unique selection of films and series that both move and inspire. Sooner was launched in 2020

with the aim of creating a place for lovers of independent and artistic films. Sooner is not just a streaming platform, it is a movement that aims to bring European filmmaking to a wider audience.

to a wider audience.

We work closely with film labels, film schools and festivals to offer you exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else. Our selection includes films directly from the major and exciting film festivals in Europe and beyond.

and beyond. At Sooner you will find profound, exciting, funny and challenging works - from the icons of directing to talented newcomers.

Our platform is flexible and user-friendly, with various subscription options that allow you to cancel at any time. Whether you opt for a monthly or annual subscription or opt for one of the passes that are non-renewing, Sooner gives you the freedom to enjoy movies on your own schedule.

Our goal is for you to be able to experience stories that matter and move you, anytime, anywhere.


What is there to see at Sooner?

Sooner has an impressive selection of movies and series that will suit your taste.

Our platform offers access to a variety of genres, including dramas like "The Class" and "Camille", thrillers like "Monolith" and science fiction like "Primer". Additionally, psychological dramas such as "Antichrist" and romantic comedies such as "10,000 Km" are available, all in HD quality and available to watch at any time.

In addition to these films, Sooner also offers exclusive content directly from the

major film festivals such as Cannes and the Berlinale. These carefully curated films and series are not only entertaining, but also inspiring and inspiring and moving, making SOONER a unique platform for true film fans.

Many filmmakers work with Sooner. In case you can't decide what to watch, they recommend their favorite films on Sooner.

Our catalog is updated regularly and includes over 2000 titles that are carefully selected to prioritize quality over quantity. From indie hits to classic arthouse films - at SOONER you will definitely find something you're missing elsewhere.

How can I register with Sooner?

To register with Sooner, follow these simple steps:

1- Visit the Sooner registration page by clicking on "Sign up" on the home page.

Select a registration method, either by email or via external accounts such as

accounts such as Amazon, Apple, Google or Facebook. To do this, click on the

corresponding icon.

If you would like to register by email, enter your email address and a password and click on "Go", then on "Create account". Remember, that you will not receive an extra confirmation e-mail, but can proceed directly

2- After registering, you are automatically logged in.

3- Once your account has been created, click on "Continue".

4- Now you can choose a subscription or a pass, but of course you can skip the

and have a look around first.

You can choose between a monthly and an annual subscription.

If you are a student, we offer the UNI subscription, which is even cheaper. If you do not want to commit yourself, we offer you our passes. Here you can try out the weekend pass for 72 hours, or passes for 1 month or 1 year.

Which devices does Sooner support?

Sooner offers a wide range of device compatibilities that make it possible to stream content across different platforms. You can use Sooner on all your devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers via the website

For users of iOS and Android devices, the mobile application is available in the app stores, as are TV apps and streaming via AirPlay or Chromecast on your TV.

What does Sooner cost?

Sooner offers a range of pricing options that provide flexibility and affordability. The monthly subscription costs 7.99 euros, while the annual subscription costs 59.95 euros, which is the equivalent of 4.99 per month. This represents a significant saving and makes the annual subscription particularly attractive.

For students, Sooner offers a special rate of just €5.99 per month which makes it an excellent option for the student budget.

With our passes you can book a weekend with Sooner without an extension

(72 hours for 3.99 EUR) or a month for 10.99 EUR.

Payment for the passes can be made via various methods, including credit card, PayPal, ApplePay and Google Pay, which makes the process simple and secure.

In summary

The detailed description of Sooner has introduced you to our platform

platform, which not only impresses with its variety of HD films and series from the

European arthouse and indie genres, but also with its user-friendliness and user-friendliness and flexibility of the subscription options.

Sooner demonstrates how digital movie consumption can go far beyond mere viewing by

by building a bridge to Europe's most important film festivals and offering a carefully curated selection of content that both inspires and thought-provoking.

In this day and age where choosing the right streaming platform can seem overwhelming, Sooner stands out with its unique collection and commitment to quality cinematic art.

For anyone who wants to broaden their horizons and be part of a movement dedicated

movement dedicated to the promotion of European cinema, Sooner offers the ideal

platform. To become part of this fascinating world and gain access to an

extraordinary selection of films, sign up now.

It's more than just a way to stream movies - it's an invitation to be moved and inspired by

to be moved and inspired by the stories the world has to offer.


What is the cheapest way to use Sooner?

The Sooner WEEKEND PASS is a new option that costs 3.99 euros for a one-time 72

hours from the first play. This offer is a non-subscription

model that does not require termination. is available in Germany, Austria

and Switzerland.

What does the Amazon Sooner platform offer?

Sooner is a hybrid streaming platform that, in addition to subscription options, also offers passes

without renewal for watching movies.

What are the requirements for streaming movies?

To stream films and series in full HD quality (1080p), the following is usually required

a minimum download speed of around 5 Mbit/s is usually required, as is the case with

services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+.

Where is it possible to stream arthouse films?

You can stream our content on multiple devices at the same time, anywhere in

Germany, Austria, Switzerland and at any time. On our Amazon Prime

Video Channel you can also test Sooner for free. There films are also available for offline use.


Entdecke das Beste aus dem europäischen und weltweiten Kino.