Toni Karat

Fag Dyke/non-binary filmmaker, photographer in Berlin

Toni Karat, non-binary artist and filmmaker from Berlin.

Toni talks about their path into the film industry, inspired by the feminist porn film festival.

Toni Karat, artist and filmmaker, talks about her path into the film industry, inspired by the feminist Pornfilmfestival Berlin. After attending, Toni made her first short film on her own and taught herself film techniques, successively acquiring all the skills required for a feature-length film. In her own works, she deals with queer realities of life, self-love and criticism of patriarchy, focussing on the greatest possible authenticity and an unbiased view.

Toni's latest film, NARCISSISM - The Auto-Erotic Images, explores the intimate look in the mirror, accompanied by interviews about gender, narcissism and self-love. In 2022, the film won the Best Documentary Award at the Pornfilmfestival Berlin and 5 other documentary film awards. In the exclusive SOONER interview, Toni also discusses the challenges of filmmaking in Germany, such as current complex funding structures and bureaucratic hurdles in the production of the new documentary film, and would generally like to see more support for bolder, more experimental projects, as well as from marginalised communities, in order to promote diversity and justice in the film industry. Toni's film work reflects a commitment to self-expression and overcoming creative barriers. More info:

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OUT IN OST-BERLIN: "important cinematic gay and lesbian historiography in East Berlin - in the field of tension between everyday life, political activism and Stasi observation. (Toni Karat)