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During a voluntary social year Isis discovered her love of film. In her roll as a director she enjoys create space and visibility for art and culture

Isis Rampf talks about the positive power of community in this episode of the Sooner Cast.

Which she experienced both during the INTO THE WILD mentoring program and while working on her documentary ALLESANDERSPLATZ.

Isis Rampf's journey into the world of film began with film screenings for children, which she organised during her year of voluntary service. Her studies in media studies and directing at the international film school cologne, as well as her work as an assistant director, laid the foundation for her career as a director. The passion she saw in the children's eyes still drives her today and motivates her to make films herself.

Allesandersplatz - Isis Rampf - Into the Wild Mentoring

In our SOONERCAST, Isis Rampf talks about her experiences with the Into The Wild mentoring programme, in which she is working on her new project GEFÄHRTINNEN. The programme gives her the chance to write material while being supported by a dramaturge and a mentor from the industry. The positive atmosphere, which is characterised by mutual support rather than competition, and the prospect of forming a strong network for the future with the other mentees are factors that the up-and-coming director particularly appreciates.

Allesandersplatz - Isis Rampf - Into the Wild Mentoring

In her film ALLESANDERSPLATZ, Rampf delves into the topics of community, collective work and urban society. The documentary, which deals with the long-empty Haus der Statistik on Berlin's Alexanderplatz, focuses on social housing, open spaces for art and culture and poses the question of how the city can be designed in a sustainable and community-oriented way. It thus addresses issues that have great social relevance far beyond the city of Berlin. In the new podcast episode, the Into-The-Wild mentee talks about the genesis of the project, the conceptual basis of the film and Isis' path to the House of Statistics. Listen in now!

Dreissig - Simona Kostova

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DREISSIG - "A story that captivates me without a hero's journey and tells of not getting anywhere." (Isis Rampf)