Susanne Weirich und Robert Bramkamp

An in-depth conversation about decolonization and the world of props

New SOONER podcast episode: An interview with the director duo from DIE AUSSTATTUNG DER WELT

An in-depth conversation about decolonization and the world of props with Susanne Weirich and Robert Bramkamp

In our latest SOONER podcast episode, we welcome the creative minds behind the docu-fiction film DIE AUSSTATTUNG DER WELT - Susanne Weirich and Robert Bramkamp. The duo has blurred the lines between film and visual art with projects such as the sci-fi film ART GIRLS and DIE AUSSTATTUNG DER WELT. In our interview, we find out more about their impressive collaboration and the artistic synergy that makes their work so unique.

Robert Bramkamp, Susanne Weirich - Die Ausstattung der Welt

DIE AUSSTATTUNG DER WELT is a unique blend of documentary and fiction that offers a deep insight into the world of prop houses and the work of prop masters. The film, which celebrated its premiere at DOK Leipzig, also deals with decolonization. Weirich and Bramkamp shed light on how the world of props functions as a mirror of the real world and reflects colonial and racist values. The directors explain why this topic is so close to their hearts and how they have integrated it into their film.

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WHATEVER HAPPEND TO MY REVOLUTION: "The film takes work and the discussion about what it can still be and what role love can play in it very seriously."