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Douglas Wolfsperger has been directing cinema and TV, documentaries and feature films since 1985.

After first experiences as a filmmaker with Super-8 films in his school days, he shot his first own feature film "Hither And Thither" in 1985. Since the beginning of the 1990s, Wolfsperger has made numerous documentaries about people and their everyday lives, for example about garbage collectors, a toilet attendant or Santa Clauses.

With his feature film "Heirate mir!- Die Braut und ihr Totengräber" (1999) Wolfsperger caused a lot of astonishment in the feuilletons. This was followed by his most private work to date, "Der Entsorgte Vater" and the documentary "Wiedersehen mit Brundibar", about young people and their encounter with a charismatic Holocaust survivor.


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